A disaster chaplain is an oasis of blessing in the midst of difficulty. When disaster strikes, no one is prepared, and it is very difficult to handle the situation. But when someone approaches and offers to walk by your side and accompany you spiritually, everything changes. That is why we have developed the chaplaincy program. We are looking for volunteers who decide to train to serve in different places or scenarios as disaster chaplains for our organization.

A Missionary Disaster Response Disaster Chaplain is:

  • Dedication to Jesus, with a life of integrity, purity, and holiness.
  • Faithful student of the Word
  • Diligent in prayer and worship
  • Walking in the gifts of the Spirit
  • Agreement with MDR Statement of Faith
  • Devoted to compassion, kindness, and love
  • Commitment to self-care and personal wholeness
  • Dedicated to all aspects of MDR ministry needs
  • Willing to serve as an MDR Volunteer in any role

Missionary Disaster Response, it will offer all volunteers the necessary training to become certified as a disaster chaplain. This training will be certified by St. John’s Lutheran University.

In addition, at the end of the course, we will provide you with an identification as a certified disaster chaplain of our organization and continuous education while you are a volunteer with our organization.